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WINE User's Guide

What is WINE?

WINE is the Waseda University Library's main search interface for Library collections and academic resources.

You can search the materials held by the Waseda University Library (books, magazines, etc.) and check the holdings (where they are located in the library). In addition, the new WINE enable you to search electronic resources subscribed by Waseda University as well as journal articles and more.

How to access WINE

Please access to Waseda University Library website top page. Then select "Search & Find" > "WINE" on the global menu.

You can also search WINE directly from search window on our library website top page or search window on our E-Resource Portal top page.

Sign in to WINE

Current members of Waseda University (students, faculty, and staff) should log in to WINE to access the following functions.

  • To view content only available for current Waseda University members in the search results.
  • To save search results in "My Favorites".
  • To check your borrowing history and list of requested items. You can also renew borrowed items in "My Library".
  • To request items to borrow or pick up directly from the search result pages.

What is included in WINE?

Use WINE to search for the following materials:

  • Bibliographic and holding information of materials held by the Waseda University Library (e.g., books, journals, magaznies, newspapers, microforms)
  • Bibliographic information of electronic resources made available by the Waseda University and open access electronic resources e.g., e-journals, e-books)
  • Bibliographic information of content from the Waseda University Repository (e.g., dissertations, academic papers)
  • Database information from the Waseda E-resource Portal
  • Journal articles from article databases (e.g., Web of Science, National Diet Library Japanese Periodicals Index)
  • Dictionary entries or book chapters from databases (e.g., Japan Knowledge)
  • Bibliographic and holding information of materials held by the Keio University, which is our partner library.