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WINE User's Guide

Renew Library Materials
  • Through 'My Library', you can renew and extend the due dates of items you are currently borrowing.

When & how long?

  • You can renew items anytime from the next day you borrow until 3 days after the due date as long as the Maximum Renewal Period (3 times the regular loan period, e.g., for 14-days Loan, Maximum Renewal Period is 42 days) is exceeded.
  • Due date can be renewed up to once a day. There is no limits on the number of renewals.
  • The new due date is calculated starting from the date of renewal according to the loan period of the item (e.g., if you renew 14-days Loan item on Sept. 2, new due date will be Sept.16).
  • Once the Maximum Renewal Period has been reached, you must return the item once. For continued use, you may borrow it again.

Renewal exceptions

  • Items that have hold requests placed by other users (Loan status is displayed as 'Recalled')
  • Overdue items that have hold requests placed by other users (Loan status is displayed as 'Recalled'. Renewals of all loans will be suspended until you return the overdue items.)
  • Items that are more than 3 days overdue (e.g., If the due date is Sept. 2, not renewable on and after Sept. 6)
  • When the Maximum Renewal Period has been reached (3 times the regular loan period)
  • When your library account is blocked (for details, please see 'Overdue Materials'). 
  • When your library account is expired (Items will not be renewed past the expiration date)

※Short term loan items (e.g., Reserve books in SILS Student Reading Room, 1-day Loan books in Law Student Reading Room) have different renewal rules or cannot be renewed.

※Even if the item was borrowed as Summer Term Loan, the Maximum Renewal Period is 3 times the regular loan period.

Courtesy letter

  • Five days prior to the due date, the library system automatically sends a due-date reminder titled 'Courtesy Letter' to your Waseda mail (for library card users and professors emeriti, preferred email address registered in the library system).
  • The email will be sent from ''. Please check your email settings so that you can receive emails from the library.
  • Even if it an email is not received, the system will not resend it. It is your responsibility to keep track of due dates and returning library materials on time. Please visit 'My Library' to check your due dates.

How to renew?

  • Go to My Library and select the 'Loans' tab to display a list of titles, due dates (YYYY/MM/DD), and other details of your current loans.

  • Click 'v' to see detailed information.
  • Click 'Renew' button next to the title you want to renew the due date. Click 'Renew All' to renew all items.
  • If items are successfully renewed, "Renewed" message and the new due dates will appear.

  • When items are not renewable, 'NOT RENEWABLE' indicator will appear. You can hover your cursor over the icon to display not-renewable reasons.

  • Examples of renewal exceptions:
    • Recalled items: Item cannot be renewed since there is a request for this item.
    • Overdue recalls: Renewal for all your items is suspended until you return overdue recalled items.
    • Loan cannot be renewed due to patron block: Your library account is blocked. Check the 'Blocks' tab for details.
    • Overdue items: Once the grace period (3 days for regular loans) has exceeded, overdue items cannot be renewed.
    • Loan cannot be renewed as maximum renewal period has been reached: Check the 'Maximum Renewal Period' in loan details.
    • The due date is already set to the renewed due date: Cannot be renewed as the ’Maximum Renewal Period' has been reached or the item has already renewed. Renewal is allowed up to once a day.