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WINE User's Guide

Search Results (3) "Articles" search scope
Search scope "Articles" allows you to search the contents of citation index databases (such as Web of Science, Scopus etc.) and electronic journal packages (such SienceDirect, ProQuest, etc.). With these databases, you can discover journal articles or book chapters. It also searches the reference database contents (such as dictionaries and encyclopedia items).
Thus, materials listed in the search results with “Articles” scope are not necessarily held or subscribed by Waseda University Library. When you search with "Articles" scope, please check the availability of Waseda University Library's holdings. If a material is unavailable at Waseda University Library, please consider using our ILL (Interlibrary Loans) service to obtain the material or copies of the material from other university libraries.

"Articles" search scope (1) Bibliographic Information

Check the bibliographic information such as articles title, author name, journal title on the search results list.


"Articles" search scope (2) Online Full-text

If "Available Online" is displayed in a search result, you can view online full text by clicking the label and open Full Display View.

"Articles" search scope (3) Physical Material Holdings

If a result displays “Check physical resource availability”, you can not read the full text online. In this case, click the label to check the library holdings in Full Display View.

* It may take a few seconds for the library holdings to be displayed after clicking.


If library holdings are displayed, you can check the location and call number of the material and go to get it.

In case there displays no library holdings, please click the "WINE" label on "How to get it" section to confirm the library holdings.

* Results list of "Articles" search check and display the library holdings only by ISSN or ISBN. Therefore, it is necessary to re-search WINE by clicking “WINE” on “How to get it” section.

If the holdings is found by re-searching WINE, you can use the materials in Waseda University Library.

* If the journal title is found, please be sure to check the volume and issue that contains the article you want to read. 

"Articles" search scope (4) Materials Not Held by Waseda

If you cannot find the material even after re-searching WINE, the material does not held by Waseda University Library.

Please consider requesting interlibrary loan service to read the materials held by other university libraries.

Interlibrary Loans from non-Waseda Libraries (For Waseda users only)

You can check the holdings of other universities from the “Links” at the end of the Full display screen.