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WINE User's Guide

What is included in “Articles” Search?

Find contents searchable Databases on WINE

Contents searchable databases on WINE "Article search" is also available to search on E-Resource Portal.

The  mark is displayed on searching results, available to search contents of the database by WINE "article search" or "All items". 

E-Resource Portal

The  mark is not displayed on the searching results, unavailable to search contents on WINE(Even if the library subscription database). 

The list of contents searchable databases on WINE "Articles" search

There are databases which are available to search on WINE even if they are unregistered in the E-Resource Portal. For your reference,Confirmed contents in the searchable databases on WINE are described below the excel file. 

The list of contents searchable databases on WINE "Newspaper search"

Search results of "Articles" search do not include newspaper articles. To view results from newspaper databases (such as ProQuest Historical Newspapers, Times Digital Archive, etc.), use "Newspaper search".

Regarding Japanese Newspapers, only "Asahi Shinbun" (Cross-Search) is included in WINE. To view the full list excluding Asahi-Shinbun, please see the list below.

Search limitation on some databases

In some databases, the contents that can be searched with WINE are partially limited. See below for details.


Waseda E-Resource Portal will display “制限あり / Limited” next to the icon, and click to check the details.