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WINE User's Guide

Search Results - Physical (paper) periodicals

You can search both of physical (paper) and electronic periodicals with WINE. We show you how to see the holding records of the paper periodicals here.

For information on electronic journals, see "Search Results (3) "Articles" search scope".

Search results of a periodical

Search results of a periodical

Click the link to see the libraries holding.

<Holding Libraries> LOCATIONS

To filter by holding issues, click the filter icon on upper right of the location list. Or you can click a location (library) name to see the holding information of the library without using Filtering. 

<Holding Information> LOCATION ITEMS

When you click a location (library) name, location item details are displayed.

  • Library name, Location, Call number
  • Volumes<period> held at the Location
  • Item information (Volume, Availability, Location, Call number)
  • When all of the items do not appear, click 'SHOW MORE ITEMS' and the next 5 items will appear.

About Holding Information

 [Holdings] …Volume numbers and their publication years held at the location

Ex. 1)


Oldest volume – Newest volume<Oldest year – Newest year>+

(”+”means that the subscription currently continues.)

Ex. 2) 

From 120 2015  until 125 2019

From  “Oldest volume” “year” until  “Newest volume” “year”

[Notes]…Some records have notes on their retention period, temporary location, usage, etc.

Ex. 1)

最新1年分のみ保存(Recent 1 year issues only)

Ex. 2)

最新4ヶ月分のみ保存 (Recent 4 months issues only)

[Search a specific volume/number] Filtering Locations

As for the item records of Waseda University Library, volume and year information are entered in the ‘description’ field.  Please use the description filter instead of the volume and year.

Limitation of filtering

Please note that the filtering function does not work for all of the periodical issues owned by Waseda University Libraries, because the libraries other than Central Library and Theatre Museum had not created item records in the former library system.

 As for the issues newly arrived after the system replacement of September 2019, their item records are created in the current library system regardless which library holds them so that they are available for filtering.

About the locations of recent issues and back numbers

In some libraries, recent issues (un-bound issues) and back numbers (bound issues) of the same title are separately placed.  In addition, some back numbers may be placed in Honjo deposit Library.

Usage of periodical materials

  • WINE system displays the location of journals in each library and reading room.

  • For the journals placed in the Honjo Deposit Library, ‘本庄’ or ‘HONJO’ will appear in their holding information.  Ask at the nearest library desk to consult these journals.

  • There are some restrictions of the use for the journals stored in the school libraries. For the eligibility to use each library, see ‘Libraries and Reading Rooms’ on the Library Web site (