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WINE User's Guide

Item status

Availability and Item status

1) In the Location information section,  availability of the material will be displayed.

  • Available The item is currently available.
  • Out of Library The item is not available. Please check the item status.
  • May be available Some journals and yearbooks are not available because the bookbinding is in progress. Please check the details at item status.
  • MovetoAuto The item being moved to the Central Library's automatic book storage. Currently not available item.

2) In item section, Item status details of each items will be displayed. 

  • Item in place The item is on the shelf. If the item's term of use is "Loanable" , you can borrow the item. If the item's term of use is "Not loanable", it means the item is library use only. 
  • Item in place (awaiting reshelving until YYYY/MM/DD )  The item is just returned. If the item is not on the shelf, please ask the counter staff.
  • On loan until YYYY/MM/DD The item's will be returned by the displayed date.
  • On loan - overdue since YYYY/MM/DD
  • Missing The item is currently missing.
  • In transit until YYYY/MM/DD The item is in transit. The item will arrive at the library by the displayed date.
  • In process of Acquisition technical services until YYYY/MM/DD The item is being prepared for locating on the shelf. It is not ready for use.
  • On hold shelf until YYYY/MM/DD The item is on hold at the counter for a user who has made a request.
  • In process of Binding | 製本 until YYYY/MM/DD It is not available because the bookbinding is in progress.
  • In process of Repair | 修理 until YYYY/MM/DD It is not available because of repairs for damage.
  • In process of Pick-up Anywhere until YYYY/MM/DD The item is in transit for a user who has made a request.


The item is not available if the location is "Display" or "UseInLab" even though the item status is "Item in place".