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WINE User's Guide

View Your Blocks
  • Through 'My LIbrary', you can view messages from the library, any blocks on your library account, and block expiry dates.

How to view your blocks & messages

  • Go to 'My Library' and select the 'BLOCKS+MESSAGES' tab to view any blocks on your library account that may prevent you from accessing library services, reasons for the blocks, block expiry dates, and messages from the library.
  • When expiry date appears next to the block, the block will be lifted on the next day morning, around 5 o'clock.
  • No expiry date will appear for the overdue blocks and Unpaid blocks since these blocks will not be lifted until you return overdue items, bring replacement books, or pay unpaid fee.
  • For details, please see 'Overdue Materials'.

   ・When the overdue book is not returned


  ・If multiple overdue books are returned, blocks will be displayed for each book.