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WINE User's Guide

How to Find Waseda University Thesis & Dissertation

Generally speaking a thesis/ dissertation is a document based on original research, submitted in order to obtain an academic degree. It depends on the country and academic situation which phrase is used for the document.  So in this section, they are distinguished in writing: Doctoral Dissertation, Master's Thesis and Bachelor's Thesis.

Doctoral Dissertation

Waseda University Library holds doctoral dissertations of Curriculum Doctorate and Dissertation Doctor, awarded by Waseda University in old and new doctoral system. As of April 2017, the library holds doctoral dissertations which submitted from 1924 to September 2016, whose diploma numbers are up to 7371. Japanese doctoral dissertations after April 1st, 2013 are supposed to be published on the internet as a general rule.

A part of doctoral dissertations are not registered in WINE. 

Doctoral Dissertations which are not registered in WINE *Written in Japanese

Master's Thesis

Access policies for master's theses depends on the graduate school. The Library does not issue a letter of introduction or permission to use.

Find Masters Theses (Waseda)

Bachelor's Thesis

Waseda University Library does not hold bachelor's thesis of undergraduate. Please ask at the reference desk on the 2nd floor of the Central Library about searching for materials to write your bachelor's thesis.

How to search Doctoral Dissertations

Choose Advanced Search mode on WINE, then select Limited Search, and Waseda Dissertation on Search Profile. So you can specify your search results to doctoral dissertations submitted to Waseda University.  Besides, you can narrow down them by adding a name of degree, a year of conferral, and so on as a search term.

*The name of degree has changed since the middle of 1991 as below. So if you search doctoral dissertations of "法学博士", please input only "法学" as a search term to include both names of degree.

Example) Before 1991 "法学博士" → After 1991 "博士(法学)"

How to browse Doctoral Dissertations

Doctoral Dissertations submitted before April 1st, 2013

All pages of doctoral dissertations after April 2002, only with permission of author are available on the internet (Waseda University Repository).


All print forms of doctoral dissertations are held at the Honjo Deposit Library.

Doctoral Dissertations submitted after April 1st, 2013

PDF files of all pages are available on the internet (Waseda University Repository)  as a general rule.


Some doctoral dissertations are not available on the Repository for some reason. So please use electronic files which are available in the Microforms / Photographic Services Room on the 4th  Floor of Central Library. But please note that a part of them are held only in print forms at the Honjo Deposit Library.

Browsing Doctoral Dissertations published online

  • You can read all pages of doctoral dissertations after April 2002, only with permissions of authors on the internet (Waseda University Repository).
  • Due to the revision of Degree Regulations, in principle, all pages of doctoral dissertations are available on the internet (Waseda University Repository) from April 2013.
  • Doctoral dissertations which are not available in Waseda University Repository can be read as electric files in the Microforms / Photographic Services Room on the 4th Floor of Central Library (A part of them are held only in print forms at the Honjo Deposit Library).
  • National Diet Library Degital Collection : Some doctoral dissertations in Japan which are sent to National Diet Library between April 1991 and March 2001 are digitized and open to the public on the WEB.

Browsing print forms of Doctoral Dissertations

Original Doctoral Dissertations Prior to 2012

All original doctoral dissertations of Waseda prior to 2012 are held at the Honjo Deposit Library. If you would like to browse these, please apply by the following way. Please note that it may take a couple of days to arrive generally.

How to order from the Honjo Deposit Library

Users who have Waseda ID: After login to MyWaseda, use the "Library Application Form" of "Research* tag" and read the notes carefully before applying.

*"Tasks tag" in the case of staff 

Other users: Consult at the reference desk of Central Library or the counters of Campus Libraries.

Doctoral Dissertations submitted to the Graduate School of Human Sciences

and Graduate School of Sports Sciences

Doctoral dissertations submitted to the Graduate School of Human Sciences and Graduate School of Sports Sciences are also held at the Tokorozawa Library.

Doctoral Dissertations submitted to the Graduate School of Education

Doctoral dissertations submitted to the Graduate School of Education are also held at the School Library of School of Education.

Abstracts of Doctoral Dissertations

Abstracts of doctoral dissertations had been published from 1989 to 2001. They are located in the reference book area (R091) in the 2nd floor of Central Library, and also in each Campus Library.

Making a photocopy of Doctoral Dissertations

Users are allowed to make a photocopy of doctoral dissertations within copyright laws.
Users need to have a permission of the author to take a whole copy of a doctoral dissertation. Generally, we do not contact the author, so users have to contact directly by themselves. Each individual will be assumed a full responsibility for the copyright matter on photocopying.

Matters to be attended for accessing doctoral dissertations in online format

  1. Copyright of the dissertations which are open to public in Waseda University's websites belongs to the authors, and they are protected with copyright laws and international treaties.
  2. Users can download or printout the contents for a purpose of his/her research within a limited scope.
  3. Users cannot take actions which are deemed as copyright infringement such as making a whole copy of a work, transferring or revising the contents without the permission of the authors.
  4. If a person acts against these matters and causes damage or loss to the copyright holder or the university, we may take a strict action to the person such as requesting a compensation for the damage.

You can not check out Doctoral Dissertation

Please use them only in the library.