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WINE User's Guide

How to specify search fields

There are two retrieving methods on WINE to specify search items such as title, author name and so on.  Also, a phrase search and a prefix search can be available with these functions.

Search Pre-Filters (Simple Search)

You can specify general search items on Simple Search mode.

Advanced Search

To use this function, switch the page to Advanced Search on WINE.

  • You can specify additional lines of detailed criteria, which are not available on Search Pre-Filters.
  • You can also combine multiple lines of criteria by choosing AND, OR, and NOT on each filters.

Search Pre-Filters (Simple Search)

Please try pull-down menu on Simple Search mode, if you would like to narrow down your search results in advance effectively. You can specify material type; Books, Journals, Newspapers and Articles. It is also available to search by phrase, title, author and so on.

Advanced Search

By clicking “Advanced Search” displayed on the right side of the search box, WINE page will be changed to the advanced mode. With this function, you can specify additional lines of detailed criteria. You can also combine multiple lines of criteria by choosing AND, OR, and NOT on each filters.

Choose Material Type, Setup Keywords, Specify Retrieval Item

Choose material type, Setup keywords in detail, Specify retrieval item which the keywords are included

Specify Retrieval Item

Retrieval Item

Retrieval Object

Anywhere in the Record in Search Pre-Filters (Simple Search)

Any Field in Advanced Search

Every item will be a retrieval object as a default setting of WINE.


Book Title, Journal Title, Title of Thesis/ Article, and so on

Author / Creator

Author Name, Editor Name, Name of Organization/ Government Agency/ Conference, and so on

Course Instructor, Course ID, Course Name, Course Department Name in Advanced Search

These items will be shown when you choose Limited Search in Advanced Search mode, then select Course Reseaves in Search Profile.



Theme/ subject of the material; keywords, controlled vocabularies by subject headings


Details of contents include title of each volume and table of contents, Annotation of References, and Annotation of Dissertation

*Information of table of contents which is offered by Nichigai Associates Book Data is not searchable by this item. Please search from Anywhere in the Record or Any fields


International Standard Book Number


International Standard Serial Number


Publisher/ Publishing company

Holding Call Number

All print or paper copies of books in the library are assigned a call number, usually found on the book spine.

※Call numbers on the first and the second level of a label are subject for retrieval.

Classification NDC

Nippon Decimal Classification (NDC)

Approved Textbook Number

A number of a textbook approved by the Ministry of Education

 [Reference] Find Textbooks and Instruction Manuals

Other Identifiers and Numbers

Publication number, Bibliography number of each organization listed as below

  • OCLC Number
  • NDL National Bibliography Number
  • NCID(NII Bibliographic ID)
  • Library of Congress Control Number 
  • KAKENHI Number
  • Approved Textbook Number
  • ISO Number
  • GPO Item Number
  • CODEN Designation
  • IEEE Number
  • Millennium Bibliographic ID
  • Nippon Decimal Classification Number
  • Dewey Decimal Classification Number
  • Government Document Classification Number
  • Library of Congress Call Number
  • National Library of Medicine Call Number  etc.

Setup keywords in detail

There are three options to setup keywords to be typed in the search box in both retrieving methods.

In Search Pre-Filters (Simple Search) In Advanced Search How to Work
that contain my query words contains

WINE system will search items with the keywords by partial matching retrieval method. 

To be specific, the system runs two program; to search with analyzed keywords and to search word by word, then show the result in optimal order.

with my exact phrase is (exact)

WINE system will search items with the keywords by partial matching retrieval method. 

The system won't analyze the keywords, but search items in word order you typed in as one phrase.

begin with start with

WINE system will search with the keywords by prefix search. If you choose this method, search items will be changed to "Title" automatically.



Material Type

Reference Entries
Sound Recordings

  •  Material types are divided into print and electronic medium. For example, you can search both physical and E-books by choosing "Books" as a material type.
  •  If you would like to use only E-books, you can narrow down the search results by Tweak Your Results".

Other Functions in Advanced Search

Choice of Search Scope/Profile


You dan specify the language written in the material.

Published/Creation Date

You can narrow down a period which the material published/Created by setting "Start" and "End" date.


・You can make a combined search term, when you tie multiple search filters with AND, OR and NOR.

・You can add new lines for more search filters (Up to seven in total).