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WINE User's Guide

Request Library Materials
  • Through 'My Library', you can place a hold request or a pickup request on library materials.

What can be requested?

  • You may place hold requests on items that are not currently available including other libraries' holdings, such as items On Loan, In Transit, On Hold Shelf, or In Process.
  • You may request an item that is only available at distant campuses to pick up at your campus, even if the item is listed as Item in place /Loanable. If the item is on the shelf at your nearby campus, you are expected to retrieve it yourself.
  • Libraries that can be designated as pickup locations vary depending on the items.
    Items of Libraries that can be designated as pickup locations
    Central Library, Takata Library, Toyama Library, Sci. & Eng. Library, and Students Reading Rooms

    Tokorozawa Library

    Owning libraries(Only items that are not currently available including other libraries' holdings, such as items On Loan.)

    Tokorozawa Library

    Central Library, Takata Library (only for Faculty and Graduate Students), Toyama, Sci. & Eng. Library

    Tokorozawa Library(Only items that are not currently available including other libraries' holdings, such as items On Loan.)

  • You cannot place requests on items you are currently borrowing. To renew due dates, see How to Renew Items.
  • Request limits vary depending on your status at Waseda.
    Undergraduate Students 15 books Graduate Students, Library Card (Blue) 30 books Faculty & Staff, Library Card (Green) 60 books
    ※The numbers above are the total number of materials can be requested from Central Library, each Campus Library (Takata, Toyama, Science & Engineering(including Student Reading Room), and Tokorozawa), Waseda Campus Student Reading Rooms (FPSE, Law, Education, Commerce & SILS, Social Sciences), Japanese Language Students’ Reading Room, and Theater Museum Library.
  • Requests for books with accompanying materials such as DVDs

    Accompanying materials such as DVDs may be located in a different location than where the book is located. If you want to use both the book and the accompanying material, please note that you need to request each of them.

Who can request?

  • Any library user who is eligible for borrowing the items in question.
  • Any library user who can sign in to WINE. Library card (Green/ Blue) holders need to first register password via My Library.

How to request?

  1. Sign in to WINE and click 'Request' button in the Full Display page.
    'Request' button will not appear when no item is available for request. Depending on the material, you can either a) place a title-level request, or  b) place a request on a specific item.

    a) Title-level request     *'Request' button appears at the top of the 'Get It' section.

     b) Specific item request    *'Request' button appears when you open the item details.
  1. Click 'Request' button and select the pickup location. Request will be placed when you click 'SEND REQUEST'.

Pickup Location: Available pickup locations will be listed. If there are more than one options, select the pickup location you prefer. However, you cannot pick up items at the libraries you are not eligible for borrowing. If undergraduate students or affiliated school students select Takata Library as a pickup location, the request will be canceled.

  1. From the 'REQUESTS' tab on 'My Library', please make sure that the request details are correct.

How to check your request status?

  • Notification e-mail: An e-mail will be sent to your Waseda mail (for library card users and professors emeriti, preferred email address registered in the library system) once your requested item is ready for pickup. The email will be sent from ''. Please check your email settings so that you can receive emails from the library.
  • My Library: You can check the status of your request via the 'Requests' tab on 'My Library'.

  • WINE:  In the Full Display page, you can also view the number of requests in queue or the 'On Hold Shelf Until' date.

How to borrow requested items?

  • At the pickup location, tell the circulation desk staff that your requested item is ready for pickup and complete the normal borrowing procedures.
  • Items are held on the hold shelf for one week. (There are some exceptions.) Requests will be canceled after one week.

How to cancel requests?

  • When you no longer need the item you have requested, please cancel requests from the Requests tab on My Library. *After your cancellation, WINE system might send you two cancellation letters.
  • A request may be canceled if the requested item has not been returned for more than six months after the request was placed.