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WINE User's Guide

Basic Search Flow (Simple Search)

1)Enter search words in the search window

2)Select and click the search profile

If you want to search for materials by book title, journal title, author name of book, etc., please select "Library Catalog and E-Resources".

Library Catalog and E-Resources: You can search by book titles or journal titles. Searchable titles are library holdings (physical books or physical journals) and subscribed digital materials (e-journals or e-books).

Articles: You can search by article titles, book chapters, reference entries and more. It searches various databases such as "The Japanese Periodicals Index (Zassaku)" by NDL or Web of Science.

Everything: You can search the "Library Catalog and E-Resources" and the "Articles" at the same time.

Library Catalog and E-Resources(SOKEI): You can search Keio University libraries' holdings and Waseda University libraries' holdings at the same time. You can discover the materials held only by Keio University in this search scope. On the other hand, in "Library Catalog and E-Resources", you can check the Keio's holdings only if Waseda has it's material.

Limited Search: You can search for materials with limited uses and types such as "Course Reserve", "Waseda Dissertation" and "Special Collections".

3)Select the material you want to use from the search results list.

Depending on the selected material, the way to check the status of a result will differ.


You can specify whether to display 10, 25, or 50 results per page.

If there are too many search results (Tweak your results)

From the "Tweak you results" on the left column of the screen, you can narrow down the search results by availability of the material, resource type, language and so on.

Search with specific search fields such as title, author name, etc. ("Search pre-filters" and "Advanced search")

By using pull down menu below the search box, you can specify the search fields such as title, author name, etc. ("Search pre-filters").

You can switch the screen to the "Advanced Search" mode by clicking the button on the right of the search window. You can specify more types of search fields than "Pre-search filter". You can also combine multiple search queries with AND / OR / NOT.