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WINE User's Guide

Filtering Search Results ("Tweak your results" function)

Tweak your results section, which may appear on left side of the Brief Results page, contains a list of categories, which are referred to as facets. By including and excluding these facets (such as date, author, record type, and so forth), you can narrow the search results to get the results you are seeking.

Include Facet Values

You can include facet by clicking the value in Tweak your results section.  For example, if you click the "Articles" in Resource Type section of Tweak your results, system returns results including only articles.


You can specify more complex filtering if you select multiple facets and then apply them to the results at the same time.


If you want to select multiple items at once, select the check boxes and click "Apply Filters" to filter your results. The selected facets will appear in the Active filters section.

Expand Facet Display

In some facet menu, a part or all of facet values may be hidden. You can expand them by clicking the menu title or "show more".

  • Please note that the maximum number of facet that can be displayed is up to 50 values.
  • A Facet category does not appear if search results contains only one value of that facet category. For example, if the all of the material type of the search result is "book", the “Resource type” facet menu will not be displayed.


Exclude Facet Values

If you want to exclude a facet value, click button appears on the right side of the facet to mark it for exclusion.


As same as including, you can specify multiple values by checking them in succession. You can also use including and excluding facet in combination.

Clear Filters

You can clear all filters by clicking "reset" button.


If you want to remove only a specific facet value, click the cross to the right of the value you want to remove.


Adding Persistent Facets

When performing many similar types of searches, you may want to retain your filters for subsequent searches within a session.
To make a facet persistent, hover the cursor over the facet in the Active filters section and then click the facet's padlock (). To remove a facet's persistence, click the facet's padlock () again or delete the facet.


To make all active filters persistent, select "Remember all filters".
This function has been available from May 4, 2020.


Facet Categories and Values

list of available facets on "Tweak your results" is as follows.

Category Initial Displayed Values Sort Values

Course Instructor

Course Code + Name

Course Department


Alpha Numeric

This facets available only when "Limited Search > Course Reserve" has been selected as search profile.



Alpha Numeric

Available online, Held by library, Open Access, Peer-reviewed Journals, etc.

Resource type

10 By Size

Books, Journals, Databases, etc.


3 By Size Languages use to describe the material

Creation Date

- - Creation / Publication date of the material



Alpha Numeric

CENTRAL Library, TOYAMA Library, SCIENCE & ENGINEERING Library, etc.

Library (Keio)


Alpha Numeric

MITA Media Center, HIYOSHI Media Center, SFC Media Center, etc.



Alpha Numeric

Keio University or Waseda University



Alpha Numeric

CENTRAL LIB-2F General Books,
CENTRAL LIB-3F Bound Periodical Collections Room, etc.

[Reference] Location list


5 By Size Social Sciences Citation Index (Web of Science), ProQuest Central Essentials, etc.
Author/Creator 0 By Size Author name, Editor name, etc.
Journal Title 0 By Size Journal title which contains the artilce
Subject 0 By Size Subjects of the material

Classification NDC

0 By Size Nippon Decimal Classification of the material
New Records - - Date when record was added.Three types: New From Last Week, New From Last Month and New From Last 3 Month.