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WINE User's Guide

What is not Included?

What is not included in WINE (print, microforms, etc.)

Central Library

  • Part of rare and valuable books: Card catalog (books received before March, 2015) or book catalog [Special Collections Room on the 4th floor].
  • Audiovisual materials - Records: Card catalog. Also searchable in Shichoukaku Shiryou Mokuroku (In Japanese Only). For searching MDs, please use this list. [AV Room on the 4th floor]
  • Audiovisual materials -  Cassette tapes: Card catalog.  [AV Room on the 4th floor]
  • Microforms: Some are included in WINE. Card catalog, Some are listed in Shuyo Maikuro Shiryou Shozo Mokuroku (In Japanese Only).  [Microform room on the 4th floor] 

S.Takata Memorial Research Library

  • Some Chinese books: Card catalog

Toyama Library

  • Only a few of Chinese and Korean journals: Card catalog

Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum

School libraries

For journals stored in Waseda Campus school libraries, most of them are included in WINE. In addition, following library materials are included. 

  • Lee Kun-Hee Commemorative Library (FPSE Faculty Library): Some reference books, EU related materials received after 1995.
  • Center for Legal Resources: All materials.
  • School library at School of Commerce: Company history, IMF, OECD, World Bank, some of FASB, and some reference books.
  • School library at School of Education: Reference books, some of audiovisual materials, books in Mathematics Course Room.
  • School library at School of Social Sciences: Some reference books, corpus juris (loose-leaf)