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WINE User's Guide

Search Results (1) Physical materials

1)Select a material you want to use from the search results. Then the Full Display View will open.

2)Select a Location (such as a library or a floor) which the material you want to use is located from "Get It" section of Full Display View.

3)Check the Item status (such as "Item in place" or "On loan") , Terms of use (such as "Loanable" or "Not loanable") and "Call Number" of the material to use the material at the Location of it.

In the example screen above, you can see: 

  • Item status of this copy is "Item in place"
  • Terms of use of this copy is "Loanable"
  • Call Number of this copy is "F401 00056"

You can also see the Call Number in the previous screen (Locations).

If you sign in to WINE, display of Terms of use will turn into days of loan period. This loan period will change depends on your status. 

* "Loanable" material  can be borrowed by eligible users who belongs to Waseda University