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WINE User's Guide

Sign in to WINE

Current members of Waseda University (students, faculty, and staff) should log in to WINE to access the following functions.

  • To view content only available for current Waseda University members in the search results.
  • To save search results in "My Favorites".
  • To check your borrowing history and list of requested items. You can also renew borrowed items in "My Library".
  • To request items to borrow or pick up directly from the search result pages.

How to Log in

Click "Sign in" at the top right of the screen and choose "Student/Faculty" or "Others” (Library card holders, Emeritus Professors) at the "Login using" page.


You can also log in from search result pages.


Authentication Method 1. Students, Faculty and Staff

  • Input your Waseda ID and MyWaseda password.
    *After 21 August 2021, please use your Waseda email address (NOT your Waseda ID) as your Login ID and your MyWaseda password. For more details, please read this announcement.
  • If you have already logged onto MyWaseda in your browser, you can log onto WINE automatically.
  • Students who will graduate or complete their studies cannot sign in to WINE after March *15th (for spring graduation) or September *10th (for autumn graduation). *The date may vary by year.


Authentication Method 2. For Others With a Library Card and Emeritus Professors

  • Input your library card number (your faculty ID number for Emeritus Professors), and your password registered in WINE.

  • Emeritus Professors who use MyWaseda may also use the login method for "Students, Faculty and Staff".

  • If you forget your password or this is your first time logging in, click "Need help signing in?" and reset your password. For more details, read this.

  • Library card holders (Green and Blue) can log in to WINE until the expiration date written on their cards.

Changing Your Password

1. For Students, Faculty and Staff

If you want to change your "MyWaseda" password, do it at the "MyWaseda" site.

2. For Other Library Card Holders and Emeritus Professors

Passwords you registered on the previous WINE system are no longer valid. Please reset your password on the new WINE system.


How To Reset Your Password

Please follow the steps below from the WINE top page.

  1. Click "Sign in" at the top right of the screen.
  2. Choose "Others” (Library card holders, Emeritus Professors) at the "Login using" screen.
  3. Click "Need help signing in?".
  4. Click "Reset your password for Library Card holders (In ENGLISH)".
  5. Input your Library card number (*a) in the "Library Card Number" box and leave the second box blank, and then click "Send".
  6. A mail for resetting your password will be sent to your email address (*b). Link is active for one hour. 
    Follow the directions in it and reset your password (*c).
  • (*a) Library card holders: Input the number on your Library card, which will be an 11-digit number starting with Y. Example: Y0001234567 Professor Emeritus: Input the 10-digit number, adding 0000 (4 digits) to the beginning of your faculty number (6 digits). Example: 0000123456
  • (*b) Those who registered several email addresses on the previous WINE system will find that only one of them is registered on the new WINE system, and the mail for resetting your password will be sent to it. Please ask at the reference desk in the library if you want to check your email address. Those who do not use email should ask at the reference desk to reset your password.
  • (*c) Passwords should be more than 8 digits and contain letters, numbers, and symbols.