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WINE User's Guide

How to request materials from Keio University (personal loan)

User Registration

  1. Log in to WINE
    Sign in to WINE - WINE User's Guide
  2. Search by title from Library Catalog and E-Resources(SOKEI)Search Profile
    Search Profile - WINE User's Guide
  3. Open the book details screen and click “Keio University”, you can check the holdings at Keio University


5.Read the notes and click ”AGREE TO REGISTER.”

6.When registration is complete, the consent pop-up screen will disappear and you will be returned to the holding list screen.

*When the registration error screen is displayed

If you see the phrase “The Login process has failed. Please contact the library for available credentials.”, you are not eligible for registration for request materials from Keio University (personal loan). For more information, please see 

Using non-Waseda Libraries with Cooperative agreements

ILL/Holding request to Keio University

  1. When you request materials from Keio University, click on "Keio University" while logged in to WINE to check the holdings.

  2. Click on the "Request" button and pick up location will appear. Select the pickup location and submit "ILL/HOLDING(Request)".

    *Please note that this button is different from the "Request" button for books in Waseda University.
  3. An email will be sent when the material is received at the pickup location.

How to check ILL/Holding request materials from Keio University

  1. Log in to My Library.
    My Library - WINE User's Guide
  2. After "Register", you can see "Keio University" tab in My Library.
    You can check the materials on loan (ILL / HOLDING requrst) from Keio university from the "LOANS" and "ILL / HOLDING" tabs.

*Please note that the materials held by Waseda University and Keio University you are using will be displayed in separate tabs ("Keio University" and "Waseda University").

3.For details on how to borrow and return books from Keio University, please refer to”Using non-Waseda Libraries with Cooperative agreements

Using non-Waseda Libraries with Cooperative agreements