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Information on Library System Migration: Home

New WINE is launched on September 2nd, 2019.

New WINE has been launched

Service Changes

1. The URL and interface of WINE will change in September.

2. We will simplify and standardize the current loan rules.

  • Changes in the way to renew the due date.
  • Changes to overdue penalties.
  • Some loan periods will be standardized.
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Schedule for migration

From June 21st   Acceptance of purchase stops   (Until September 6th)
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From July 10th   Accepting Request for books in 'PROCESS' stops   (Until September 1st)
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From August 20th    Inter-library Loan Service on Online Request Form Stops   (Until September 1st)
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  * From Aug.2nd (Fri) 5:00 pm to 20th (Tue) 10:00 am, the entire Library Online Request Form is not available
  due to summer vacation and system maintenance.
* From Sep.2nd (Mon) 10:00 am to Sep.24nd (Tue) 10:00 am, it is not available to designate Science & Engineering
  Library as a receiving place of inter-library loan services of actual materials due to the renovation.
From August 21st   Placing Holds Stops   (Until September 1st)
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    Inter-library Loan Service on Service Desk Stops   (Until September 1st)
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    Ordering books Service at the Higashifushimi Campus
or Advanced Biomedical Sciences(TWINs) Stops
  (Until September 1st)
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From August 23rd   Due Date Renewal Stops   (Until September 1st)
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From August 27th   Borrowing and Returning Services Stop   (Until September 1st)
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From August 30th   All Libraries are closed   (Until September 1st)
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On September 2nd New WINE is released & services resume      


* Only “Acceptance of purchase stops” will resume on September 6th (Fri.). All other services resume on September 2nd (Mon.).

Features of the new system

  1. New WINE is a cloud-based SaaS system. 1,800 academic libraries in 41 countries have already adopted the same system. New WINE will enable users to keep up with rapidly changing information technology and scholarly communication.
  2. You can search and find books and journals in both Waseda and Keio University  libraries. You can also search for more academic information, such as peer-reviewed journal articles which Waseda subscribes to and freely available contents.


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