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03. 新聞記事を探す/Find Newspaper Articles: English


This is a guide to find newspaper articles by theme or event of interest.
*Databases and pocket editions generally store or publish the final edition of the paper.
*Ensure you have the right newspaper name, as old newspapers and historical newspapers have often changed their names over the years.

Newspaper Article Databases (Online)

Below are some of the major databases to search for newspaper articles.
Please keep in mind that many newspaper article databases have limitation for the number of concurrent users. And please read the detail information from "Read Before Use" button of each database.


* Some foreign language newspaper's articles within some newspaper databases be searched on WINE "Newspaper Search".
  The list of contents searchable databases on WINE "Newspaper search", please refer to the "WINE HELP".

Newspaper Article Databases (Offline)

There are newspaper article databases available on CD-ROM and DVD as well. Inquire about using them at the respective library or reading room.

Obtain Newspaper Articles

If you cannot obtain the article from databases, look up the location of the newspaper (or microfilm, pocket edition, or reprint edition).

Search Waseda’s collections

  • Catalog of Newspapers subscribed to by Waseda University Libraries (in Japanese only)
    ​Able to search for newspapers Waseda libraries currently subscribe to.
  • WINE [Waseda University Library Discovery Service] (Waseda University Library Website)
    WINE also lists some newspapers. You can search for back numbers of newspapers no longer subscribed to at the "NDL Search" given below.

Search domestic collections

When the newspaper is not available at Waseda and the full text is not accessible through Newspaper article databases, search domestic collections. You can request to visit off-campus libraries or order photocopies of newspaper articles from off-campus facilities by Interlibrary loan service

Search overseas collections

Expand your search overseas if you cannot locate the newspaper article in Japan. You can request to visit off-campus libraries or order photocopies of newspaper articles from off-campus facilities by Interlibrary loan service.  However, it takes high costs and hours compared with the domestic.

News Encyclopedias and Other References

  • Meiji News Encyclopedia [Mainichi Communications] (book)
    Taisho and Showa edition are also included. Together, these three publications compile articles from the Mainichi newspapers and others from the start of the Meiji (1868) to the 20th year of the Showa (1945).
  • Shimbun Shusei Meiji Hen’nenshi (Newspaper Collections from the Meiji Era) (book)
    Taisho Hen’nenshi and Showa Hen’nenshi are also included. These collections contain selected major articles from a number of newspapers organized by period. It is possible to look up articles by date as well as event.

Find What Newspapers are in Print

  • Zasshi Shimbun So Katarogu (Periodicals in Print) [Media Research Center] (Book, 1978-2019, Discontinued, In Japanese only)
    A compilation of domestic periodicals (journals, magazines, and newspapers) in print with their basic information, category, and features. Newspapers can be looked up by region, field, or title.