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  • 資料の本文言語 / Language of the Content
  • 全文あり / Full text available
  • 大学契約DB / Licensed Database
  • 学外アクセス可能 / Off-Campus Access Available
  • 学内からのみ利用可能 / On-campus access only
  • プロキシ接続 / Proxy Access Required
  • 同時アクセス数制限あり / Concurrent users are limited
  • 利用案内 / Guide
  • 障害・メンテナンス情報 / Database Outage Alerts
  • WINEで内容を検索可能 / Contents are searchable on WINE



Database of thousands of files documenting every aspect of life in Eastern Europe throughout the Cold War.

Historic Newspapers have the UK’s largest archive of Daily Mail back issues, covering the last one hundred years.
China and the Modern World: Diplomacy and Political Secrets brings to academics and researchers
valuable material from the British India Office Records held at the British Library. Newly scanned records
from the Political and Secret Department, the Burma Office (created as a separate entity in 1937) and the
Military Department, are now available for the first time as a digital archive, covering British interests in
Asia and Anglo-Chinese relations from 1869-1950.
A historical archive of several million cross-searchable pages of books, serials, supreme court records and briefs, and key manuscript collections from the United States, Great Britain, and France concerning debates of slavery and abolition, the Transatlantic Slave Trade, the Institution of Slavery, and the Age of Emancipation. Provides a context for further research through links to chronology, biographies, bibliographies, and websites.
The "Digital Ino-Map on the web" is based on the "Digital Ino Map" (DVD version) and is made available via the Internet to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the death of Tadataka Ino.
毎日新聞出版が発行するビジネス誌。1923(大正 12 年)年 4 月に創刊され、2021 年現在まで通巻 4659 号以上にも及ぶ、長い歴史を持つ雑誌。
経葉デジタルライブラリでは 1960 年代より 2020 年までをデジタルアーカイブズとして収録。

A business magazine published by Mainichi Shimbun Publishing.