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博士論文を探す/Find Doctoral Dissertations: English

早稲田大学を含む国内・海外の博士論文を探す方法を紹介します。/ Guide to finding doctoral dissertations submitted to universities in Japan, including Waseda, and overseas.

What are Doctoral Dissertations?

Doctoral dissertations are academic theses submitted to obtain doctorate degrees. Doctoral dissertations are stored and made available as follows:

  • Held by libraries at the university where the thesis was submitted
  • Held by the national library of the respective country (in Japan’s case, the National Diet Library)
  • Made available at no charge on the respective university’s Web site (institutional repository).
  • Sold as a book
  • Sold by specialized vendors (primarily North American doctoral dissertations)

Doctoral Dissertations at Waseda

Waseda doctoral dissertations are stored at the Honjo Deposit Library (in Honjo campus) and nearly all are searchable online from WINE. Doctoral dissertations submitted to Waseda University after 2013 are available at Waseda University Repository in principal. Some of the dissertations submitted after 2002 and agreed to be public by authors are also available there. Book forms must be sent to the Central Library or campus libraries from the Honjo Deposit Library. See How to Search and Use Waseda Doctoral Dissertations for more details. In case you prefer to glance through the dissertations' abstract/title of each graduate school, please consult the respective graduate school office. For dissertations the author permitted to be on public online, the index list of each graduate school is available at Waseda University Repository.

Doctoral Dissertations at Other Domestic Universities

Searching other university library

You can find doctoral dissertations submitted to other universities using respective university’s collection catalogs or doctoral dissertation search systems. In principal, Japanese doctoral dissertations submitted after April 1st, 2013 are supposed to be published on the internet, according to the revision of the Rules for Degrees by Japanese government (Doctoral dissertations submitted before April, 2013 are also available online if the authors agreed to open it to public). If the dissertation is not available online, you may consider visiting other university library or requesting a photocopy. Be sure to confirm the usage conditions on the respective university’s (library’s) Web site before visiting other universities. In most cases, a letter of introduction or an advance inquiry is necessary. In case of requesting a photocopy of a dissertation, it must be less than half of total pages due to the copyright. To copy more than half of the total pages, obtaining consent from the copyright holder is required in most cases.

  • Using non-Waseda Libraries (Library Web site)
    Information on visiting other libraries, ordering materials, and guide to libraries under cooperative agreements.

Searching the National Diet Library

The National Diet Library holds doctoral dissertations which are received since September 1923. Book forms are searchable from NDL-OPAC (Select “Doctoral dissertations” as Material types on the Advanced search). Electronic formats are searchable at NDL Digital Collections. You can search both Electronic formats and book forms at NDL Search.

  • Domestic Doctoral Dissertations [National Diet Library] (public Web site) 
    A guide to using Japanese doctoral dissertations created by the National Diet Library.(in Japanese only) .

Searching online

  • Japanese Institutional Repositories Online (JAIRO) [National Institute of Informatics] (public Web site)
    A service for searching academic information (journal articles, theses or dissertations, departmental bulletin papers, research reports, etc.) accumulated in Japanese institutional repositories. You can select “Thesis or Dissertation” on the Advanced search page. Many documents can be viewed in their full text.
  • CiNii Dissertations[National Institute of Informatics] (public Web site)
    A service for searching doctoral dissertations in Japan. Many documents can be viewed in their full text.

Doctoral Dissertations Overseas

It is possible to search for doctoral dissertations overseas through the respective university or national library of the respective country. Many dissertations are available online. If the full-text is not available online, another possibility is purchasing doctoral dissertations from or through databases or specialized vendors. If you are not able to purchase a dissertation by your own, following options could be considered.

  • Request to loan the original dissertations (Book form or Microform)
  • Request a photocopy (within a copyright law)
  • Visit other libraries

Searching online

Purchase full-page copy


  • ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global (PQDT Global )[ProQuest] (Library subscription database)
    A database of dissertations and theses from around the world, especially North America, spanning from 1743. It offers full text for most of the dissertations added since 1997, along with selected full text for works written prior to 1997.
  • Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD) (public Web site)
    A site for searching and browsing electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) from more than 80 institutions worldwide, especially North America. You are able to search doctoral dissertations from [Global ETD Search]. The list of institution is available at [List of members]. Many documents can be viewed in their full texts.
  •[OCLC] (public Web site)
    The world’s largest bibliographic database. You can restrict searches to thesis/dissertation on the Advanced Search page. The site gives the locations of materials as well as their bibliographic information.
  • Dissertation Express [ProQuest] (public Web site)
    A search and sales service for academic theses supplied by ProQuest. The service can be used from the Sunmedia site, the official Japanese distributor. You can order dissertations and theses from Sunmedia by e-mail or fax. (Please make orders by yourself.)
  • MARUZEN-YUSHODO Dissertation Service Center (public Web site) 
    Able to search for and buy academic theses from the US, France, and other countries. (in Japanese only)
  • NDL-OPAC [National Diet Library] (public Web site)
    The National Diet Library collects doctoral dissertations from overseas. The Kansai-kan holds European and North American doctoral dissertations mainly in the science and technical fields, and the Tokyo Main Library holds dissertations and theses on Japan-related subjects in the humanities and social sciences.
  • Foreign Doctoral Dissertations (General Notes) [National Diet Library] (public Web site)
    In addition to general notes, this site includes links to regional-specific guides (in Japanese only).
  • Using non-Waseda Libraries (Library Web site)
    Information on visiting other libraries and requesting dissertations through interlibrary loan.