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23. 企業情報を探す(国内編)/Find Information on Japanese Corporations: English

Find Corporate Information

  • Japan Company Handbook

  • Kaisha Shikiho (Japan Company Handbook) from Toyo Keizai is a quarterly magazine that provides up-to-date information,  including business description, business performance, shareholders, executives, consolidated companies, financials, capital flows, stock prices, and earnings forecasts, on all listed companies in Japan.
  • Toyo Keizai Digital Contents Library [Toyo Keizai] (Library subscription database)
    This database provides access to articles from Kaisha Shikiho (since 2005 Autumn issue), Kaisha Shikiho : Mijojo Kaishaban, Shushoku Shikiho, Weekly Toyo Keizai, and other publications from Toyo Keizai. It is also possible to cross-search company information by company name or securities code.
  • Kaisha Shikiho (Japan Company Handbook) [Toyo Keizai] (book)
    The Central Library holds all editions since 1948. The Faculty of Commerce Library also holds a DVD version containing data from 1936-2011 and a CD-ROM version containing data from 2004-2021.
  • Kaisha Shikiho: Mijojo Kaishaban (Japan Company Handbook: Unlisted Company Edition) [Toyo Keizai] (book)
    Contains hard-to-find information on unlisted companies across Japan, including business operations, past performance, executives, trading partners, etc.
  • Japan Company Handbook [Lexis] (Library subscription database)
    English version of Kaisha Shikiho. After logging in to Lexis, search for ”Japan Company Handbook” in the "Sources" tab.
  • Company profiles and financial information

  • Nikkei Telecom 21 [Nikkei Inc.] (Library subscription database)
    This database allows searches of corporate outlines, balance sheets, financial affairs, personnel news, and articles published in Nikkei papers.
  • Nikkei ValueSearch [Nikkei Inc.] (Library subscription database)
    A corporate and industry analysis service that contains information on listed and unlisted companies in Japan and offers a variety of analytical and reporting functions.
  • Nikkei NEEDS-FinancialQUEST [Nikkei Inc.] (Library subscription database)
    This database allows you to obtain economic data in various genres such as corporate finance, stocks and bonds, macroeconomics, and industrial statistics.
  • eol [I-N Information Systems, Ltd.] (Library subscription database)
    Provides company information focusing on domestic publicly traded companies. Includes securities reports dating back up to 1961, as well as financial data and market information.
  • Teikoku Databank Kaisha Nenkan (The Teikoku Databank Corporate Almanac) (book) 
    Consisting of an Eastern Japan volume, a Western Japan volume, and an index volume. Contains up-to-date information on 140,000 leading and influential companies useful for marketing and credit management.
  • Yahoo! Finance [Yahoo! Japan] (public Web site)
    In addition to company profiles and stock price information for listed companies, the site also provides news for shareholders.

Find Annual Securities Reports

An annual securities report is a report in which a company discloses information about itself, and can be viewed on electronic disclosure systems such as EDINET. For more information, please refer to Research NAVI, "Find Annual Securities Reports".

Find Balance Sheets

The conventional method of reporting balance sheets has long been to publish them in a daily paper or in an "Official Gazette(官報)" but with amendments to the Commercial Law, corporations can fulfill their obligations by posting balance sheets on their Web sites. Below are some leading sites that provide balance sheet information.

  • 官報 (Official Gazette) [National Printing Bureau] (book) / インターネット版官報 (Online Official Gazette Service) [National Printing Bureau] (public Web site)
    Public notices of financial statements from companies are published in an "extra edition" of the Official Gazette.
  • インターネット決算公告サービス(TDB企業サーチ) (Internet Financial Statement Service) [Teikoku Databank] (public Web site)
    Public notices of financial statements are made available in PDF format upon request of the companies.
  • TKC計算書類公開データベース (TKC Financial Statement Database) [TKC National Foundation] (public Web site)
    TKC National Foundation is a nationwide network of public tax accountants. Provides financial statements of companies  with whom TKC members work with.

Find Management Indices

  • Management indices are used to grasp the business status of a company and are used for management analysis and evaluation. The Annual Securities Report includes sections for trends in key management indices. To obtain and analyze data, try databases such as Nikkei ValueSearch, Nikkei NEEDS-FinancialQUEST, and eol.

  • Nikkei Financial Analysis [Nikkei Inc.] (book)
  • Includes non-consolidated and consolidated indices for all companies (excluding foreign companies, fund companies, etc.) listed on the Japanese stock exchanges, JASDAQ, Mothers, and Hercules. Discontinued publication as of 2011.
  • Business Analyses & Statistics by TKC [TKC Corporation] (CD-ROM) (in booklet form until the 2002 edition)
    Provides key financial performance data (balance sheets and profit-and-loss statements) derived directly from accounting records put together from the detailed monthly audits and monthly balance sheets conducted by TKC accountants. Discontinued publication as of 2013. Summary and preliminary versions are available on the TKC Group website.
  • Nikkei ValueSearch [Nikkei Inc.] (Library subscription database)
  • Nikkei NEEDS-FinancialQUEST [Nikkei Inc.] (Library subscription database)
  • eol [I-N Information Systems, Ltd.] (Library subscription database)

Find Corporate Histories

Central Library and the Faculty of Commerce Library holds a large number of corporate histories. Try a keyword search in WINE using the company or organization's name. For holdings at other libraries and related information, refer to the following links. 

Find Corporate Bankruptcy Information