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RefWorks: Guide

Concurrent user limit


New version of RefWorks will be available from February 1, 2021 (Mon.)!!

If you use RefWorks for the first time, please create an account in New RefWorks and use it.

If you have an account of Legacy RefWorks, please migrate your data to New RefWorks.

*Please use New RefWorks after migrating your data, even though you can still login Legacy Refworks. And do not choose Legacy RefWorks in importing bibliographic data.
*Please note that Legacy RefWorks will no longer be available on or after June 30, 2023. Please migrate your data to New RefWorks by June 29, 2023.


What is RefWorks?

RefWorks enables you to build a personal bibliographic database by importing records from WINE and various databases. When writing a paper or report, you can use the records you have registered in RefWorks to automatically create a reference list in various formats. It is web-based service, so you can access it from home or anywhere else without installing any special software.

About New RefWorks

New RefWorks is much easier to use and evolves with new features that are not included in Legacy RefWorks.

1. Improvements to the interface
2. Importing text and bibliography by dragging and dropping PDF files
3. Flexible record management with tags
4. Smooth record editing
5. Unlimited data storage etc.

For more information, click here (in Japanese only).



Eligible Users

RefWorks is available to;

・Waseda University Students and Faculty and Staff (including Part-time Lecturers and Researchers) who are currently enrolled and have a Waseda email address (Not available for Students from Affiliated Schools and Art and Architecture School).

・Students who graduated or transferred from Waseda University.

・Faculty and Staff who retired or transferred from Waseda University.

How to use

①If you have an account of Legacy RefWorks, please migrate your data to New RefWorks and use it.

②If you use RefWorks for the first time, please create an account in New RefWorks and use it.【Creating a new account is only possible for those who are currently enrolled.】

How to migrate your account [PDF] (in Japanese only)

①For Legacy RefWorks Users: Please migrate the data to New RefWorks

1. Access Legacy RefWorks and log in to it and click on the link [Upgrade to the latest RefWorks version!]

2. Enter your Legacy RefWorks account email address and password and click [Sign Up].

3. Fill out the form (First name, Last name, Role) and click [Next].

⇒The tutorial will be displayed and the migration will begin.

*If you have multiple RefWorks accounts, please combine them into one when you migrate to New RefWorks. Click here for details (in Japanese only).

②First-time Users of RefWorks: Please create your own personal account.

*When you create your RefWorks account, you need to do at a computer connected to the University network (a PC installed in the university or a personal PC connected to the Wi-Fi"Waseda-wpa2"). If you create an account from off-campus, please log in to Off-Campus Access and do so in the following way.

1. Access New RefWorks and click [Create account].

2. Enter your Waseda email address and click [Check].

3. Enter the password you want to use for your New RefWorks account and click [Sign Up]. *The password must be at least 6 alphanumeric characters.  

*You can log in to RefWorks from your home or an off-campus site after you once create your own account.


  • Recommended Access 
    Mozilla Firefox (latest version),Google Chrome (latest version)
  • About Account
    If you have not logged in to RefWorks for more than one year, your account may be deleted. The service does not guarantee backup of data. We recommend you to take backup in regular basis.
  • Notes on the library system migration on September 2, 2019.
    Due to the library system migration on September 2nd 2019, the URL links you already have imported from previous WINE to your RefWorks don't work. For the workaround, please read here.

RefWorks User Manual


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