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13b. Find Literature on Western History: English

Find Literature on Western History

1.People and events (in Japanese / Foreign languages)
2.Archives (in Japanese / Foreign languages)
3.Articles (in Japanese / Foreign languages)

1. People and Events (in Japanese)

Below are resources in Japanese for finding people and events in Western history.

All Periods

  • Shinpen Seiyoshi Jiten  (New Western History Encyclopedia) (book) 
    An orthodox encyclopedia compiled by the Department of European History , Graduate School and Faculty of Letters of Kyoto University.
  • Kadokawa Sekaishi Jiten  (The Kadokawa Encyclopedia of World History) (book) 
    A compact encyclopedia with descriptions of basic historical science concepts.
  • Iwanami-Cambridge Biographical Encyclopedia  (reference book) 
    Contains entries on 15,000 people, primarily from modern history.
  • Sekai Rekishi Daijiten  (Rhetorica: Encyclopedia of World History) (book) 
    Provides descriptions of cultures, historical figures, and events from all parts of the world from ancient times to the present day.
  • Rekishigaku Jiten (Encyclopedia of Historiography) (book) 
    This contains the largest volume of historical encyclopedia as of Japanese.
  • Yamakawa Sekaishi Shoujiten  (Yamakawa World History Encycropedia) (book) 
    Compact and easy to handle world history encyclopedia.
  • Seiyou no Rekishi Kihon Yougoshu  (Terminology of Western History:Ancient-Middle times) (book) 
    Terminological gloss for basic term of Western Ancient-Middle times.
  • Seiyou no Rekishi Kihon Yougoshu  (Terminology of Western History:Early-Modern) (book) 
    Terminological gloss for basic term of Western Early-Modern times.
  • Shintei Sekai Rekidai Ouchou Oumei Souran  (Dynasties of the World, New Edition) (book) 
    Leading bibliography regarding the world-renowned dynasties covering the entire world primarily the West from ancient to modern times. Contains names of ruler, period of rule, genealogy, etc.
  • Iwanami Seiyoujin Jinmei Jiten  (Iwanami Western Bibliographical Dictionary/ expanded Edition) (book) 
    Leading bibliography containing more than 25,000 world-known public people around the world.
  • Concise Gaikoku Chimei Jiten  (Concise World Geographical Encycropedia, 3rd edition) (book) 
    A handy encyclopedia on major geographical names in the world.

Ancient History

  • Seiyo Kotengaku Jiten  (Dictionary of Western Classics) (book)  
    The first full-scale dictionary for myth, history, religion, literature, philosophy, arts, politics, people’s life, sex, and so on. It covers over 5,600 items on Greece and Rome.
  • Kodai Oriento Jiten  (Encyclopedia of Ancient Near Eastern History) [The Society for Near Eastern Studies in Japan] (book) 
    The first encyclopedia for ancient near eastern studies written by Japanese scholars. Includes general remarks at the beginning of each theme that are beneficial for the new student.
  • Zusetsu Kodai Oriento Jiten  (Dictionary of the Ancient Near East) [The British Museum edition] (book) 
    A handy one-volume dictionary treating historical figures and events from the ancient near east.
  • Kodai Romawo Shiru Jiten   (World of Ancient Rome) (book) 
    An encyclopedia with comprehensive coverage of ancient Rome. Includes a list of references and an index.
  • Who was who in the Greek World  (book) 
    A bibliography of approximately 1000 historical figures in ancient Greek containing their personal histories, achievement, references.
  • Who was who in the Roman World, 753 BC-AD 476  (book) 
    A bibliography of approximately 1000 historical figures in ancient Rome containing their personal histories, achievement, references.

Middle Ages

  • Seiyo Chuseishi Jiten  (Middle Ages) (book) 
    An encyclopedia covering Europe in the Middle Ages with information on many fields including politics, economics, literature, science, and thought. Includes an index of names and an index of places and events.
  • Seio Chuseishi Jiten: Kokusei to Shakai Soshiki   (Western Europe in the Middle Ages II: Emperors and Empires) (book) 
    Middles Ages history textbook used at German universities. Also useful as a dictionary.
  • Seio Chuseishi Jiten 2: Kotei to Teikoku  (Western Europe in the Middle Ages II: Emperors and Empires) (book) 
    Middles Ages history textbook centering on the Holy Roman Empire.
  • Yoroppa Chusei Shakaishi Jiten  (Medieval Society in Europe) (book) 
    An encyclopedia covering 154 fields such as agriculture, economics, practices and customs, and culture in the Middle ages.
  • Seiyou Kishidou Jiten Kaiteiban (Dictionary of Chivalry, 3rd edition) (book) 
    Encyclopedia on coat-armor, weapons, harness, battle, legend, nights, etc.

Church History

  • Kirisutokyou Yougo Jiten  (Terminological dictionary to Christianity) (book) 
    Simple and easy terminological dictionary. Also contains Islamic terminology.
  • Katorikku Daijiten (Catholic Encyclopedia) (book) 
    An Encyclopedia covering theory, history and culture of Christianity. Also contains vast commentaries on Catholicity and non-Catholicity.
  • Shin Katorikku Daijiten  (New Catholic Encyclopedia) (book) 
    Comprehensive revised edition of "Catholic Encyclopedia"
  • Kirisuto Kyou Yougo, Doku-Wa Shoujiten  (German-Japanese Christian Terminology) (book) 
    Simple and easy terminological dictionary by German index.
  • Roma Kyoukou Jiten  (Pope Encyclopedia) (book) 
    Encyclopedia on the successive Popes, their personal histories and achievements, church systems, etc.
  • Iwanami Kirisutokyou Jiten  (Iwanami Dictionary of Christianity) (book) 
    Comprehensive and novel terminological dictionary on Christianity as a single volume.

National Histories

  • Eibeishi Jiten  (Kenkyusha Dictionary of British and American History) (book)  
    Indexes about 4,500 people and events from British and American history with detailed descriptions of each.
  • Igirisu no Seikatsu to Bunka Jiten  (Life and Culture of Britain) (book)  
    A dictionary covering the customs and politics of Britain. Includes a wealth of references as well.
  • Igirisu Rekishi Chimei Jiten  (Dictionary of England Place- Name) (book)  
    Etymological dictionary of historical places in England.

1. People and Events (in Foreign languages)

Below are resources in foreign languages for finding people and events in Western history.

Ancient History

  • Oxford Classical Dictionary  (book)  
    Indexes about 6,000 people and events from ancient Greece and Rome.
  • Brill's New Pauly   (book)  
    Dictionary on ancient Greece and Rome as well as ancient Europe.
  • Brill's New Pauly  (Library subscription database)  
    Online dictionary on ancient Greece and Rome as well as ancient Europe.

Middle Ages History

National Histories


  • Oxford Companion to British History  (book)  
    Encyclopedia of British history.
  • Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (ODNB) (Library subscription database)  
    Oxford University's biography dictionary.





2. Archives (in Japanese)

Below are resources in Japanese for finding archives on Western history.

  • Sekaishi Shiryo (World History Archives) (book) 
    Edited by the Historical Science Society of Japan, this collection contains key world history archives from antiquity to the present. 12 volumes in all (still in publication).
  • Seiyo Shiryo Shusei (Western History Archives)(book) 
    Published in 1956, this work compiles key Western history archives (almost all are abridged translations) from antiquity to the present by era and by region. Includes a synopsis of basic research materials at the end.
  • Seiyo Kodai Shiryoshu  (Ancient Western Historical Archives)(book) 
    Provides Japanese translations of ancient Greek and Roman historical archives along with explanations.
  • Seiyo Chusei Shiryoshu  (European Archives from the Middles Ages)(book) 
    A rich collection of important European archives from the Middle Ages.
  • Seiyo Housei Siryousen  (Collection of European Legal History)(book) 
    Available full text of basic historical materials on European Legal History or summary with attachments of commentary/ original text.
  • Siryou ga kataru Bizantsu sekai  (Bizantine World Revealed by Historical Materials)(book) 
    Reveal Byzantine world by quoting testimonies of people in various hierarchy from emperor to general public.

2. Archives (in Foreign Languages)

Below are resources in foreign languages for finding archives on Western history.。

  • Library of Latin Texts (Library subscription database)  
    Database providing full-text in Latin.
  • Perseus Digital Library (free database)  
    Tufts University's digital library. Contains a large amount of primary Greek and Roman sources as well as English translations.
  • Patrologia Latina Database (Library subscription database)  
    Electronic version of works edited by the Jacques-Paul Migne's Patrologia Latina
  • Monumenta Germaniae Historica: eMGH (Library subscription database)  
    Corpus of medieval historical texts (as primarily Germany) published by 1500.
  • Biblioteca italiana (free database)  
    Digital archive of Italian books and manuscripts published since the Middle Ages provided by the Universities of Rome.
  • Early English Books Online (EEBO)  (Library subscription database)  
    Contains complete image data of English books from the 15th century to the 17th century.
  • Eighteenth Century Collections Online(ECCO) (Library subscription database)  
    A full-text database of works published in England and English-speaking nations in the 18th century.
  • House of Commons Parliamentary Papers (HCPP) (Library subscription database)  
    Nineteenth and 20th century (1801 to 2004) parliamentary papers from Great Britain's House of Commons.
  • Münchner Digitalisierungszentrum(MDZ) (free database)  
    Online database operated and managed by the Bavarian State Library. Enables browsing of proceedings from the Bavarian Chamber of Deputies, the German constituent imperial assembly held at Frankfurt on Main, the Parliament of the North German Federation, the German Reichstag, and the German Bundestag.
  • Corpus de la litterature narrative du Moyen Âge au XXe siècle (Library subscription database)  
    A full-text database of about 1,000 French literary works from the Middle Ages to the 20th century.
  • Gallica (free database)  
    A database of books, manuscripts, newspaper articles, and other materials on French history provided by the National Library of France.
  • Internet Culturale (free database)  
    Online database provided by the Central Institute for the Union Catalogue of Italian Libraries and for Bibliographic Information. Can be used to search for and view materials related to Italian history as well as an OPAC for the National Central Library.
  • Gale World History In Context (Library subscription database)  
    A database of books, materials, images, and articles on 20th century world history.

3. Articles (in Japanese)

Below are some resources for finding articles on Western history written in Japanese.

All Periods

  • Shigaku Zasshi (Journal of Historical Science)(journal)  
    A catalog of recent works on Western history appears in the 1st, 5th, and 9th issues each year. Also in the 5th issue each year, a section entitled "Review and Outlook" gives a general assessment of the previous year's historical studies (Japanese history, Eastern history, and Western history) in Japan and presents research findings and developments by era and region.
  • Bunken Kaisetsu Yoroppa no Seiritsu to Hatten (Review of Literature on Europe's Formation and Growth)(book)  
    A review of Western history citing materials from ancient Greece to the beginning of the 16th century as well as research literature.
  • Seiyo Kingendaishi Kenkyu Nyumon: Dai San Pan (Introduction to Modern Western History Studies, 3rd Edition)(book)  
    In addition to the modern history of Britain, France, Germany, America, Russia, Eastern Europe, Italy, and Spain, this work summaries Japanese research trends in family and women's historical studies and folk and cultural historical studies. Includes a detailed bibliographical index.
  • Gendai Rekishigaku no Seika to Kadai  (Historical Studies in Japan from 1980 to 2000: Trends and Perspectives I Methodological Turns in Historical Thinkings)(book)  
    Introduce research trend in the last 20 years and research activities on Historical Studies including Western History in Japan.
  • Sekaishi Riburetto Series (World History Libretto Series )(book)  
    Briefly compiled by theme. Easy to find references.
  • Iwanami Kouza Sekai Rekishi  (Iwanami Series World History)(book)  
    Each volume discusses topic selected by theme chronically. It includes a detailed table of contents, bibliography in Appendix.

Ancient History / Middle Ages

  • Rekishigaku no Genzai Kodai Oriento (Modern Historical Science on the Ancient Near East)(book)  
    Provides general descriptions of the latest findings of ancient Near East studies.
  • Seiyo Kodaishi Kenkyu Nyumon (Introduction to Western Ancient History Studies)(book)  
    Gives a general description of ancient Greece and Rome along with research developments and research documents.
  • Daigaku de Manabu Seiyoshi: Kodaichusei (Western History for Universities: Ancient History and the Middle Ages)(book) 
    Provides a general description of Western ancient history studies and Middle Ages history grounded on recent research findings.
  • Seiyo Chuseishi Kenkyu Nyumon (Introduction to Western Middle Ages History Studies)(book) 
    Introduces key reference works in Japanese. Describes the basic orientation and primary issues of Western Middle Ages historical research.
  • Seiyo Chusei Gaku Nyumon (Introduction to Western Middle Ages History)(book) 
    An introductory book to the academic cornerstones of Western Middle Ages studies and how such research is actually practiced.
  • Chusei Yoroppa wo Ikiru(Birth of Mediaeval Europe)(book) 
    A clearly written primer to the subject of Middle Ages European history with an introduction to key reference works.
  • Seiou Chusei-shi 1, 2, 3 (Western Medieval History 1. 2. 3.)(book) 
    Contains brief overview, commentary and list of reference by subject on Western Medieval history.
  • Bizantsu Teikoku-shi (Byzantine History)(Author: Shouju Keitaro)(book) 
    A substantial volume of book on Byzantine history by a Japanese author.
  • Bizantsu Teikoku-shi (Geschichte des Byzantinischen Staates. 3. Aufl.)(Author: Ostrogorski, Georgije)(book) 
    A classical, great book on Byzantine history.

Church Histories

  • Kirisuto kyou no Rekishi 1, 2 (History of Christianity 1.2)(book)  
    First commentary book on Christianity written by a Japanese author. Hold extensive bibliography and appendix at the back of the book.
  • Kirisuto Kyou-shi  (The Christian Centuries)(Total 11 volumes, Edited by Institute of Medieval Thought, Sophia University, 1996-1997)(book)  
    A vast amount of commentary book on Christianity from Ancient to Modern times. Contains detailed bibliography at the end of each chapter.

National Histories

  • Shinpan Sekai Kakkokushi (New Collection of World Country Histories)(book)  
    Total of 28 volumes published by Yamakawa Shuppansha. Gives a brief account of each country's history, incorporating recent research developments. These references are best used in combination with the previous editions that focused on political and diplomatic histories. Each volume includes bibliographies and chronological tables.
  • Sekai Rekishi Taikei  (Compendium of World History)(book)  
    Total of 24 volumes published by Yamakawa Shuppansha. Provides detailed descriptions of each country's history. So far, the series contains British history (three volumes), German history (three volumes), French history (three volumes), Russian history (three volumes), American history (two volumes), Spanish history (two volumes), South Asian history (three volumes), and Chinese history (five volumes). Each volume includes bibliographies and chronological tables.
  • Amerika-shi Kenkyuu Nyumon (Introduction to the American History Research)(book)  
    Contains research result from preceding study and current national condition. Available a list of extensive reference cited and related website (updated on July 5th, 2009), also introduce a list of Archive Offices.
  • Igirisushi no Shinchoryu: Shusei Shugi no Kinseishi (A New Direction for British History: A Revisionist View of Modern History)(book)  
    Introduces works on 16th and 17th century British history written in Japanese and in European languages. Combines an introduction to research and a bibliographical index.
  • Doitsushi Kenkyu Nyumon (Introduction to German History Studies)(book)  
    Presents German history studies from the Middle Ages to the present day. Includes an overview of German history, selected topics, and a bibliographic index.
  • Igirisushi Kenkyu Nyumon (Introduction to British History Studies)(book)  
    Introduces research trends and references on British History by successive eras from Middle age to Modern. Also contains detailed glossary.
  • Igirisu Kingendai Joseishi Kenkyu Nyumon (Women's History in Modern Britain: A Guide to Study and Research)(book)  
    Introduces research trend on women's history in modern Britain by theme.
  • Itaria Toshi Shakaishi Nyuumon: 12 seiki kara 16 seiki made (Introductory to the history of urban society in Italy: From the 12th Century to the 16th Century)(book)  
    Describes urban societies in Italy from the view point of politics, economy, social life, culture, etc.
  • England Houseishi Gaisetsu (Introductory book to British Legal History)(book)  
    Classical and ultimate introductory book on British Legal History.
  • Doitsu Houseishi Gaisetsu (Introductory book to German Legal History: Deutsche Rechtsgeschichte, ein Studienbuch, zweite, erweiterte Auflage)First Edition, 1954(book)  
    Classical and ultimate introductory book on German Legal History.
  • Doitsu Houseishi Gaisetsu (Introductory book to German Legal History: Deutsche Rechtsgeschichte, ein Studienbuch, zweite, erweiterte Auflag)Revised Edition, 1971(book) 
  • Furansu Houseishi Gaisetsu (Introductory book to French Legal History: Histoire du droit francais des origines a la Revolution)(book)  
    Classical and ultimate introductory book on French Legal History.

3. Articles (in Foreign Languages)

Below are some resources for finding articles on Western history written in foreign languages.

Full-Text Databases

  • JSTOR (Library subscription database)  
    Contains back numbers of leading academic journals.
  • Oxford Journals (Library subscription database)  
    Online journals published by Oxford University Press.
  • Cambridge Journals Online (Library subscription database)  
    Online journals published by Cambridge University Press.
  • Wiley Online Library (Library subscription database)  
    Contains the full texts of journals, reference books, and e-books published by Wiley-Blackwell.
  • Project MUSE (Library subscription database)  
    Collection of humanities and social science journals mostly published by U.S. university presses.
  • CAIRN (Library subscription database)  
    Journals of French language in human and social sciences.
  • Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes (free database)  
    This database allows you to search and view full texts of Spanish journal articles.

4. Bibliographies

  • Houseishi Bunken Mokuroku (Bibliography of Legal History) [Japan Legal History Association] (Public web site)  
    Chapter of "Rome/The West" in Houseishi Bunken Mokuroku (Bibliography of Legal History) introduces compiles of the online reference from Houseishi Kenkyu(Studies of Legal History) (Book). There are a number of bibliographies mainly published in Japanese. Search function is available.
  • International medieval bibliography (book)  
    Index to Medieval related article written in European font and published in the world.
  • Jahresberichte für deutsche Geschichte (Free database)  
    Able to search German journal articles and books since 1984.
  • Dialnet (Free database)  
    Able to search Spanish journal articles, books and magazines.
  • URBS (Free database)  
    Unified OPAC of research libraries and research institutes in Rome. Contains nearly all books and journals related to ancient history. Some materials can be viewed in their entirety.

5. Atlases

Below are resources on Western historical atlases.

6. Chronologies

Below are some leading chronologies of Western history.

  • Sekaishi Dainenpyo (Large World History Chronology)[Edited by Yoshinobu Aoyama et al](book) 
    A chronology of events, primarily on political history, from the birth of humanity to 1991.
  • The People's Chronology (book) 
    Japanese translation of The People's Chronology. Contains numerous entries on education, crime, and other topics from prehistory to 1983.
  • Sekaishi Nenpyo (Chronologies of World History)[Edited by Takeo Hibino](book) 
    Contains integrated chronologies by region and 20 specific chronologies that give detailed descriptions of key events.
  • Sekaishi Nenpyo (Chronologies of World History)[Edited by the Historical Science Society of Japan](book) 
    Contains about 23,000 entries from prehistoric and archeological times to the end of 1992.