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学術情報検索(英語): Help

This site lists e-resources (databases, online journals & e-books) that Waseda subscribes to as well as useful websites selected by our librarians.

About Waseda E-Resource Portal

This site lists e-resources that Waseda subscribes to as well as useful websites selected by our librarians. When you search for e-resources, you search a subset of the e-resources licensed for Waseda (i.e., databases, online journals by collection, e-books by collection). Individual titles of online journals and e-books, CD-ROMs, and DVD-ROMs are excluded.

Using this site

Find e-resources

The e-resources listed on this site can be searched using the following methods.

  • Find databases by subject or resource type 

  • To browse the list of e-resources by subject, select a subject area of your topic (e.g., Humanities, Social sciences, Natural sciences) from Advanced Search.

  • To browse the list of e-resources by type, select a resource type (e.g., Encyclopedias & Dictionaries, Journal Articles, Statistics & Data) from the drop-down menu.
    Searches for subject and resource type can be combined.
    Core databases for each subject or resource type will appear at the top of the list with Best Bet icon.
    If you cannot find the e-resources you are looking for, try another subject or resource type or select “All subjects” or “All resource types” to broaden your search.

  • Recommended databases 
    To access recommended databases directly, select a database from the drop-down menu and click “List.”
  • Find databases by title or keyword 
    Search for databases by keywords in database’s title, name of online journal package, description of e-resources, etc. Multiple search terms separated by space are processed as an AND operation.
  • Browse databases by title (A to Z list) 
    If you know the title of the database, click on the first letter of the title to see a list of database titles that begin with that letter. Databases are grouped by the first letter of each main title. If you cannot find the database in the list, try “Find databases by keyword.”
  • Advanced Search 
    You can combine search criteria such as “Keywords,” “Subject,” “Resource type,"

Order of search results

In general, results of above searches are listed according to the main title of the e-resource. (If you select a subject or resource type in the “Find databases by subject or resource type” form, core databases for each subject area or resource type will appear at the top of the list with Best Bet icon.)
Sorting rules are as follows.

  • Alphabets are case insensitive. Initial articles of title are ignored. (e.g., The Economist will be listed under E.)

Proper use of E-Resources

Please read the following guidelines before using e-resources.

Improper Use by using Link Prefetching of Web Browsers

"Link Prefetching"* of web browsers may cause the large volume data downloads / access even though you do not intend to do so.
Please disable this function through your web browser for the proper use.
* Prefetching continuously allows web browsers to access links in the background, while viewing a web page.

Using electronic resources from off- campus

Requiring log-out from VPN service and log-in for the Off-Campus Access when using the electronic resources outside the campus.
E-resources are NOT available via VPN service.

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